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Form for Septic Repair Financial Assistance for Sleepy Creek residents


Landowner Name:_______________________________________ Phone Number: ____________________________ Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________________ Physical Address (if different):_______________________________________________________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

In order to be eligible to receive assistance for septic repair under the Sleepy Creek 319 program, septic systems must be located within the Sleepy Creek watershed and deemed to be failing through an onsite sewage disposal system inspection by the Morgan County Health Department.

  1. Before completing this application:
    1. Contact Suzy Lucas at the Eastern Panhandle Conservation District at (304) 263-4376 ext. 3 to verify thatyou are located in the Sleepy Creek watershed.
    2. Contact the Morgan County Health Department at 304-258-1513 to schedule an onsite inspection with thesanitarian. This inspection MUST occur before applications can be considered for approval.
  2. Once your onsite inspection has been performed, please retain a copy of the “Onsite Sewage Disposal InspectionForm” from the sanitarian. Please provide a copy of this form to any contractors you request estimates from and

    attach a copy to this application form.

  3. Once the Morgan County Health Department has verified that your system is failing, you must attempt to receive3 written estimates for cost of repair. The landowner must request written estimates from 3 contractors and

    document their requests using this form.

  4. Contact your three chosen contractors and provide them with a copy of your “Onsite Sewage DisposalInspection Form” that you received from the health department. Contractors must provide estimate within 10 days of the landowner’s request for an estimate. If a contractor should fail to respond to landowners request within 10 days, they shall become ineligible to enter into a contract with The Eastern Panhandle Conservation District (EPCD) to perform repairs necessary on said landowner’s septic system.
  5. If you have already received your first estimate before beginning the application process for this program, the landowner must request that that contractor re-submit a dated estimate within the 10 day deadline noted above, in order for estimate to be accepted. Landowners must indicate the date they requested estimates from contractors and the date that they received estimates.
  6. Once this application is received it will go through an approval process. Upon approval, the EPCD can then enter into a contract with the landowner and the contractor with the lowest submitted estimate. You will be contacted regarding the status of your application by EPCD program personnel.

Homeowners are responsible for the first $500 of repair cost that may include Health Department fees, permits, and cost of obtaining 3 estimates for repair. After that, the EPCD will pay the contractor up to an additional $7,300 of repair costs. Homeowners are then responsible for any additional costs beyond the $7,300. The landowner will be provided information concerning a low interest on-site systems loan program. If the three (3) written estimates exceed the projected project cost estimate established by the program personnel, the landowner shall be required to seek three (3) new written estimates.

I the landowner understand and agree to these requirements. _________________________________Landowner Signature

Please call the Eastern Panhandle Conservation District with any questions at (304) 263-4376 ext. 3

Estimates for Septic Project

Estimate # 1

Contractor Name:

Contractor Address:

Contractor Phone Number:

Date landowner contacted this contractor & requested estimate:

Did contractor submit estimate? (Yes or No)

Date estimate received:

Total estimate amount:

If estimate was received, a copy of estimate MUST be attached

Septic Pumping Financial Assistance form for Sleepy Creek Residents

Important Notice: Only septic systems located within the Sleepy Creek Watershed are eligible for assistance.

Sleepy Creek Watershed Septic Pumping Application

Name(s) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address______________________________________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________________________________________________ Location of Home if Different___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

GPS coordinates (if known) _____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________________________ If you live in a Subdivision: Name:__________________________ Lot #:____________
Size of the existing septic (If known) _______________ Last date pumped (If known) _______________

Approximate distance to the nearest stream/water body___________________________

I understand that the submission of this application does not guarantee approval to participate in this program and that my application must first be reviewed and my location verified to be within the boundaries of the Sleepy Creek watershed. I understand that I am responsible for the upfront costs of pumping my septic system after I am approved to participate in the program. I will be reimbursed 50% up to $150.00 for a one time septic pumping and that the funds will be utilized for such. I release all parties from liability. I understand that a copy of this signed application will be given to the County Health Department. If the septic system is found to be out of compliance with state health code, I will be required to make needed repairs or replacement.

I also understand the timeline for approval and reimbursement under this program as follows:

Septic Pumping Program Timeline:

  1. Complete and mail your application to Eastern Panhandle Conservation District (EPCD).
  2. Your application will be reviewed for approval at the following EPCD board meeting (usually 3rd Wednesday of

    the month).

  3. You will be notified of the status of your application after the board meeting.
  4. If you are approved, you will receive an approval packet in the mail.
  5. Have your septic system pumped within 60 days after receiving your packet.
  6. Follow instructions provided in your approval packet and return all necessary forms to EPCD.
  7. Your invoice for reimbursement will be reviewed and approved at the following EPCD board meeting and you

    will receive your reimbursement check shortly thereafter.

Homeowner Signature____________________________________________ Date______________________ Homeowner Signature____________________________________________ Date______________________

Mail to: Eastern Panhandle Conservation District 151 Aikens Center Suite 2
Martinsburg, WV 25404
ATTN: SC Septic Pumping
Or Fax to: 304-263-4986 Or Email to:

Please direct questions to (304) 263-4376 or to the email listed above.


Circle one For Office Use Only

Approved Not Approved


Project Manager Signature_____________________________ Date: ____________________________________

Final Report on Fecal Coliform Bacteria levels in Sleepy Creek released

The iconic limestone train bridge near the mouth of Sleepy Creek

The iconic limestone train bridge near the mouth of Sleepy Creek

The Cacapon Institute recently released it’s 2014-2015 final report on Fecal Coliform Bacteria levels in the Sleepy Creek Watershed. Seven sites were sampled over the course of 15 months. The tests were done as a result of Sleepy Creek’s 2007 designation as an ‘impaired’ stream due to it’s high levels of Fecal Coliform Bacteria. These sites were sampled because the source of this pollution was thought to be coming from the estimated 6,400 homes in the watershed that were not connected to a treatment facility, (14.18% of which are thought to be failing).  Sleepy Creek has an ongoing septic system pumping and repair cost-sharing program through a 319 grant that we have implemented to help address this problem and dozens of homeowners have already taken advantage of these funds. (You can get the forms by going to the ‘Grant Awards’ category on the right.) Sleepy Creek Watershed Association is also helping to reduce runoff from rain events by planting trees along the creek to help buffer and absorb runoff into the stream.

Thanks to Cacapon Institute for their testing and laboratory expertise.

You can check out the entire Final Report by clicking here:


Two-inch Rainfall on Sleepy Creek at Johnson’s Mill, April 2015

May 20, 2015

This is an archival video taken on Sleepy Creek at Johnson’s Mill, April 20, 2015.  This was after we had a two-inch rainfall across the entire region the night before.  There was considerable flooding along Sleepy Creek’s main tributary (the video) and its branches.

SCWA Received Stream Partners Grant to Upgrade Website

IMG_1139The Sleepy Creek Watershed Association received a $2,500 grant from the West Virginia Stream Partners to upgrade the organization’s webpage for increased community outreach. Alana Hartman of the West Virginia Department of Environment (far right) presented the check to new Board President Charles Marsh on January 13, 2014. Other directors are front row: Norman Dean; retiring President, Gale Foulds; and Susan Jones; back row: Secretary, Stanley Oaks; Treasurer, Robert Meadows; and Vice President, James Michael.