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Sleepy Creek septic coupon press rev

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Stream Survey Results for Sleepy Creek at River Road

The iconic  limestone train bridge near the mouth of Sleepy Creek

The iconic limestone train bridge near the mouth of Sleepy Creek

Level 3 Stream Survey results for Sleepy Creek near it’s mouth at River Rd.August 13 2015, 8:30 am.

Participants: Jeff Iliff, , Bob Meadows, Norman Dean, Stan Oaks and Michael Brooks.

Latitude: 39-40-10  Longitude: 78-5-9

Ambient temp: 87 deg. hot and sunny

Habitat conditions: 152 Suboptimal

Biological conditions: 76.8 Suboptimal

There were 191 low tolerance benthic macroinvertebrates represented by 6 types, 133 ‘critters’ of 7 types in the medium tolerance category, and 5 bugs of 3 types in the high tolerance category.

Click on our ‘Stream Monitoring’ category (to the right) to see stream monitoring results for other Sleepy Creek Locations this year, as well as a deeper explanation of the process in a posting called, “What is stream monitoring and what do the numbers mean?”

Two-inch Rainfall on Sleepy Creek at Johnson’s Mill, April 2015

May 20, 2015

This is an archival video taken on Sleepy Creek at Johnson’s Mill, April 20, 2015.  This was after we had a two-inch rainfall across the entire region the night before.  There was considerable flooding along Sleepy Creek’s main tributary (the video) and its branches.

Sleepy Creek Watershed Based Plan

SleepyCreek_Watershed Based Plan_January 2008(1)