Flora and Fauna

Local Flora

The following list and photos identifies about 200 species of flora found in recent years in 150 acres of Coolfont Sleepy Creek Association watershed area in Berkeley Springs, WV. The identifications and photographs were produced by Jane Carroll, a part-time resident of this community, for her own use and not with the intention of publication. However, in the course of copying this information and these photos for my personal use, it was suggested to me that this information might be of interest to a wider audience. Therefore, with Jane Carroll’s permission, we are posting this information on the Sleepy Creek Watershed Association Web site.

We apologize in advance for any errors in the identifications and other data, or for any imperfections in the photography. Any corrections or comments are welcome. Please send them to Robert Velte at 1988 Crone Lane, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, or e-mail me at roberthv@aol.com.   – Robert Velte

Flora & Fauna Table