Low bridge almost overwhelmed by Sleepy Creek after 2 inches of rain

This is what Sleepy Creek looked like on July 7 after 2 inches of rain. As can be seen here, the creek is swollen and muddy from storm water runoff. The sediment that gets into the creek is bad for the organisms that live in the water and makes it’s way into the Potomac river and then the Chesapeake Bay.

Stream monitoring season is underway!

Norman Dean and Chuck Marsh conduct the biological conditions part of a stream survey at Yellow Spring Run. Even though there was very little flow due to lack of rain lately, there were a surprisingly large amount of benthic macroinvertebrates, salamanders, crayfish, and minnows in the net. Bob Meadows, Jeff Iliff and Danielle Watson also helped with the survey. Stay tuned for information More

Tree planting season is coming soon, stay tuned for details!

Spring tree plantings are just around the corner, so re-visit our site for the dates as they are decided.

Act Now! Septic Repair Cost-Share Up to $7,300

Sleepy Creek Watershed residents, don’t pass up this opportunity to address that nagging septic problem or simply get 50% off that much needed maintenance pump-out! (Watch our Video.) You should receive a copy of this valuable coupon and limited time offer in the mail this week. Letting a septic system fail STINKS and poisons our water. Click on the coupon image below to download the More